Puppy Playschool

CJ's Canine Country Club's Puppy Playschool service is a 5-day daycare package, where your puppy will spend their time learning and experiencing new things! The purpose of this package is to socialize your puppy — not only to other dogs, but to new people, household sounds, flooring textures, bicycles, and more! These positive experiences help to ensure your puppy sees new things as fun and exciting rather than scary.

Up until about 4 months of age, the puppy’s view of the world can be shaped based on the experiences that they have. It is very important for puppy parents to take advantage of the socialization period and provide their pups with as many positive experiences as possible.

How the Program Works

Our puppy package is based on 5 days at our facility. After purchasing the package, the 5 days are flexible; the puppy can come 5 days in a row, twice a week, or whatever is most convenient for the puppy parents — but must be used before the puppy is 4 months of age. This 5-day package is $150.00 ($30.00 a day).

Typical Schedule

Below is the typical schedule for each of the 5 days:

Day 1: Basics & Getting to Know the Puppy

On the first day, our staff will spend a lot of time simply getting to know the puppy. Staff members will record how friendly the puppy is, if they like treats, or if they follow the staff easily. Your puppy will also work on basic obedience commands like sit, down and come, handling —  touching paws, ears, and using treats to reward them for allowing us to handle them and following our commands.

Day 2: Obstacles and Surfaces

The second day of the socialization package includes a refresher of Day 1; practicing obedience cues, paw and ear handling, and teaching the puppy to come. Our staff members will also introduce the puppy to new obstacles, such as ladders, chairs, ramps, and stairs.  We will also let the puppy experience going over and under things, such as chairs or tables.

Day 3: Experiences

On day three, our staff will continue to refresh your puppy on days 1 and 2 of their playschool package. Along with this, your puppy will be able to experience new surfaces such as carpet versus hardfloor, or other household surfaces. Your puppy will also be introduced to grooming processes, where it will get to experience nail trims, bathing, towel drying, groom tubs and hair dryers.

Day 4: Sounds and People

As well as being reminded of the previous experiences, your puppy will be exposed to sounds that they may not be used to, along with meeting new people. We will allow your puppy to experience people with grocery bags or purses, canes and wheelchairs, people wearing hats, glasses, and uniforms. Your puppy will also get to experience moving objects such as bikes and skateboards.

Day 5: Catch All

The last day of the package is a review day of all the new things your puppy has gotten to learn throughout their previous visits. On this day, our staff will also be sure to work extra on anything that the puppy had difficulties with or found especially intimidating, as well anything that they found particularly fun! We will also have a puppy graduation ceremony for them and have pictures taken for the puppy parents!

Thank you CJ’s for everything you do. Buddy loves going there. Your staff is amazing & so helpful.Liz B.
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