Concierge Daycare

Our Concierge Daycare program allows for a more customized approach to caring for your dog. No longer just an energy outlet, Concierge Daycare is a place where dogs will learn with brain puzzles, become more confident, and have real life skills reinforced in a positive way. Our program is a combination of physical exercise, social play, and mental enrichment to offer an important balance of activities in dogs' everyday lives.

Trained by Industry Leaders

We have been mentored by The Dog Gurus, Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs, who are the industry's experts in the dog daycare industry. Our program was tested and designed with their guidance.

​Smaller Groups

Dogs really thrive and enjoy smaller play groups of about 5-7 dogs. Smaller groups allow for the "wallflowers" to come out of their shells, dogs that are usually shy and that just "hangout" will actually play more when they are in a group of fewer dogs. Concierge Daycare also benefits dogs who become highly aroused during play in a large group setting. Smaller play groups also allow for a higher quality of play with scheduled breaks.

Individualized Activities & Play Sessions

​Individualized activities and play sessions based on the dog's needs and desires also add to their emotional health. Did you know that we often can't play with tennis balls, tug, squeak toys, or even cuddle individual dogs in a large pack setting? These behaviors can sometimes create jealousy among the dogs, so we avoid those situations. Chase games also must be closely monitored and interrupted frequently to keep them safe. We wanted to find options that would allow us to have more interaction and fun with the dogs.

What to Expect

The Concierge Daycare day will be more structured with games, nose-work, working with basic obedience cues and rest periods due to the extra brain stimulation. Instead of all dogs being in a large playgroup all day, they will have play sessions with no more than 10 dogs. Additionally, they will spend one-on-one time with our trained staff throughout the day.


  • Single Day Rate: $45
  • 10 Day, Full Day: $400
  • 20 Day, Half Day: $400

* Pre-paid packages are non-refundable and are good for 60 days from the date of purchase.

Thank you CJ’s for everything you do. Buddy loves going there. Your staff is amazing & so helpful.Liz B.
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