Kayla Cornette

Hi! I'm Kayla! I am the manager and groomer here at CJ's. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my son Easton and our dog Dozer. I've been working with Cynthia (CJ) now for about 3 years helping to plan for the Country Club. Over the past 9-10 years I've gained most of my dog-related experience through volunteering at shelters and working at grooming salons, a boarding kennel and doggie daycare. I've also done a lot of continuing education courses and I'm currently certified in Dog Language, Dog Group Play, Dog Evaluations, and Pet First Aid and CPR. I'm part of the OPCLC community and have finished courses in internal and external illnesses and diseases in pets, parasites, vaccines, canine bloat, kennel cough, and more. I plan on gaining as much experience and knowledge as I can to take the PACCC test to becomes a CACP (Cert. Animal Care Provider). I'm currently in the process of becoming a certified canine specialist and certified international pet groomer as well. I love my job here and I'm forever grateful that CJ gave me the opportunity to work with her and gives me the encouragement to become the best that I can be.

I love how they take pictures of Ollivander at daycare. It reassures me he’s having a great time. Sarah P.
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