Breanna Hough

Hello, my name is Breanna Hough, the trainer here at CJ's Canine Country Club. Here's a little bit about my background prior to becoming a dog trainer.

When I was 14 my mom adopted me a 5 month old puppy for my birthday. The Humane Society had given us a DVD that explained how to teach my dog, Sydney, some basic commands. I have always known I'd wanted a career with animals and I've been around dogs my entire life. Sydney inspired me to become a dog trainer, she was very eager to learn and I felt so accomplished every time she learned a new command. Then, in English class my junior year of high school, I did a research project on my future career as a dog trainer. Part of the project involved speaking with another trainer via email to answer any questions i had about various topics in the field. This English project helped me gain certainty I would LOVE a career as a dog trainer!

In December of 2015, I began my education with Animal Behavioral College and within a little over a year I became a certified dog trainer. Towards the end of my study I participated in an externship program at Leroy's Place in Lima, OH. This externship lasted 18 weeks. The first 6 weeks of this program I observed classes and learned how they ran. The next 6 weeks I participated in the class with my mom's dog who need to be trained, and the final 6 weeks of the program I was teaching the course. During this time I also volunteered at my local Humane Society for 20 hours and worked with several amazing dogs to teach them basic obedience.

When I received my certification, in March of 2017, I was eager to start training dogs, so I began training a few of my coworkers, family and friends' dogs in their homes. I also worked with my own dog Sydney to try and teach her a few new things, who at the time was 8 years old but still perfectly capable of learning.

I worked in childcare until I found a job working at Howl-A-Day Inn as a pack leader, which is now under new ownership of CJ's Canine Country Club. Cynthia's faith in me as a trainer and allowing me to start up my own classes means the world to me. I am very eager to start working with everyone and helping as many owners and their babies as I can!!

Axel loves doggie daycare so much! He’s so excited every time we pull into the parking lot! Emily P.
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