About Our Pack Leaders

Cynthia Jaqua (CJ)- Owner

Hi! My name is Cynthia Jaqua and I am honored and blessed to introduce myself as the owner of Cj's Canine Country Club. 

My doggie background started in the 1980s when I was working at Abercrombie and Fitch in Los Angeles, California. A man walked in with a very big Rottweiler named "Taz"  and had him "Sit and Stay" in my shoe department. He then proceeded to shop the rest of the store  for over an hour , Taz stayed right there and didn't budge. When he was done shopping, he released his dog and out the door he went.....and I followed!

The joy and privilege I had hanging out with Taz was something I had never felt before. Customers were amazed that Taz stayed right there waiting for his owner to come back. They called him, petted him, but he never moved. He was a very sweet boy. It was like Taz was mine in a way, and he literally changed my life.

I left A&F and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to work in this man's boarding facility where they trained dogs for various police departments on the West coast. That is where I learned to train dogs in Basic Obedience and I realized my life was literally now "going to the dogs."

When I returned to Findlay, I started alongside Dr. Gary Cotton at Animal Medical Center as a Veterinary Technician. I worked with Dr. Gary for his first 10+ years, and during that time I realized I wanted something more. 

Owning a doggie daycare has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have traveled the United States visiting all kinds of facilities, some for several days. I have attended several doggie daycare and boarding expos, and logged hundreds of Continuing Education hours that pertained to our canine companions. 

Two of the really fun courses were Dog Language and Group Play. Some of the topics that were covered are Breed Behavior, Body Language, Play Behavior, Dog to Dog Greetings, People to Dog Greetings, and Leadership Interactions, just to name a few. 

I am proud to say that every employee at Cj's has or will take the same courses with the addition of Canine First Aid and Canine CPR. 

Transparency, safety, and the well-being of  your four legged family member is top priority while in our care. That will never change! 🐾 

When I said that Taz changed my life, I wasn't kidding. This is Millie and she's my 7th Rotty over  the past 30 years. This was our conversation explaining to Millie about her new brother in the family, that he doesn't look like her and has a tail....she's OK with it.

Kayla Cornette


Hi! I'm Kayla! I'm the groomer and a manager here at Cj's . I have 2 dogs named Dozer and Zeke.  When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my boyfreind Tim and our son Easton. I've been working with Cynthia (CJ) now for about 3 years now helping to plan for the Country Club. Over the past 9-10 years I've gained most of my dog related experience through volunteering at shelters and working at grooming salons, a boarding kennel and  doggie daycare. I've also done a lot of continuing education courses and I'm currently certified in Dog Language, Dog Group Play, Dog Evaluations, and Pet First Aid and CPR. I'm part of the OPCLC community and have finished courses in internal and external illnesses and diseases in pets, parasites, vaccines, canine bloat, kennel cough, and more. I plan on gaining as much experience and knowledge as I can to take the PACCC test to becomes a CACP ( Cert. Animal Care Provider). I'm currently in the process of becoming a certified canine specialist and certified international pet groomer as well. I am hoping to finish those classes by June or July 2019. I love my job here and I'm forever grateful that CJ gave me the opportunity to work with her and gives me the encouragement to become the best that I can be.

Keri Wilson


I started here at Cj's Canine Country Club in August of '18. I have been happily married to my husband Mark since March 2011. We don't have any two legged kids, but we do have two four legged fur babies named Mya, an Australian Shepherd and Storm, a Lab/Pit mix. I have been working with animals since April 2007. I worked at the VCA Findlay Animal Care Center for around 8 years. I was a dog bather/receptionist/kennel assistant there. I absolutely loved it! I have had a few other jobs outside the dog realm but always came back to it because it is what I love to do. Nothing makes me happier than to see a dog and the look they give you that just melts your heart. They are really the best therapy whenever you're struggling with something or just in a bad mood. I get that everyday at Cj's and I could be more happy to work here! The staff is great and so is CJ. We are like one big family here!

I enjoy camping, reading books, spending time with family and pets, and just being outdoors with the sun on my face! I Would also like to welcome everyone to the CJ's family and this couldn't be possible without your fur babies! Woof Woof!

Teresa Mihaly


Hi! I'm Teresa Mihaly. After 2.5 years of retirement from Marathon (37.5 years of service), my very good friend, Cynthia, was fulfilling her long time dream of having her very own doggie daycare!  I wanted to help her with this adventure and offered to be her Girl-Friday. I work the front desk and love meeting the people and their canine families. It's really not bad getting up at 4:30am Monday-Friday! Who would have thought?!

Aubrey Dysert

Pack Leader

Hi! My name is Aubrey Dysert. I am a third year Communications Major (And Human Resources Minor) at BGSU. I have two Labrador Retrievers of my own named Diesel + Weston. I started working for Howl-A-Day Inn in June of 2018, and continued working for CJ's when they took over in August. My favorite part of working here is watching all of our Concierge Daycare dogs learning new tricks and skills every time they attend. I love being able to watch your babies every day!

Leah Bell

Pack Leader

Hi! My name is Leah Bell. I am 38 years old. I spent 10 years working at Howl-a-Day, and I was a stay-at-home mama to 3 littles for 4 years. I decided to go back to working at Howl-a-day, and within weeks of getting hired, CJ bought the facility and was kind enough to keep the staff! I am a dog lover, but unfortunately no longer have a dog of my own at home. Now, I go to work to get my puppy fix!

Sarah Waters

Pack Leader

Hi! My name is Sarah Waters and I am a student at the University of Findlay majoring in Animal Science/Pre-Vet. I have two pets of my own at home: a Goldendoodle named Buzzy and a Leopard Gecko named Leroy. I started working at CJ's in September 2018. I have enjoyed meeting all the dogs that have come into the daycare and learning all of their quirks. 

Tori Warnecke

Pack Leader

My name is Tori Warnecke, and I am a freshman at the University of Findlay, studying Animal Science/Pre Vet. I have a Shetland Sheepdog name Millie at Home. I like being around all of the animals and I also enjoy showing goats in the summer. I have been working at CJ's since January 2019 and my favorite part is being able to interact and play with the dogs every day

Erin Zeiter

Pack Leader

Hi! My name is Erin Zeiter. I have been working for CJ's Canine Country Club for 2 months, and I love working here!. It's amazing to meet all the different dogs. I love playing  and cuddling with them. I have two dogs of my own as well, a husky name Shadow and a German Shepherd/lab mix named Zeus.

Nathan Miller

Pack Leader

Hi! My name is Nathan Miller. I am a first year Pre-Physical Therapy major  at Owens Community College with plans of transferring to the University of Cincinnati  in the fall. I have two dogs  of my own at home : an Australian Shepherd names Zeke and a 15 year old Cocker Spaniel named Sammy. I have worked at CJ's since January of 2019. I enjoy working here because it is a giant extension to my furry family!

Alexis Franks

Pack Leader

Hi! my name is Alexis Franks and I am a Junior Sonography Major University of Findlay, and I intend to continue on as a Physician Assistant after I graduate in August of 2020. I have worked with Four Paws for ability training service dogs, and I have fostered rescue dogs for about 6 months. I really enjoy spending quality time with all of the dogs and getting to know each one individually!




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